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Flu and stomach problems.
Painful migraine headaches.
Over-exercising exhaustion.

These are only some of the cases in which the Intraven Doctor medical specialists team can help in "St. Mary Magdalene" Medical Center or in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office!

The intravenous therapy has a strong relief and immediate effect against flu, gastrointestinal diseases or other wellness issues, bringing you back on track for your everyday life. 

Why get an intravenous therapy instead of oral supplements?

 Infusion fluid therapy with medications, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is the fastests and most efficient way to restore the body fluids balance, for hydration and immune system stimulation.

The difference → The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver vital fluids directly into the blood circulation. The infusion therapy restores the body fluid volume, corrects electrolyte and acid alkaline imbalances, delivers vitamins, minerals and other vital supplements to the body cells.

As the intravenous fluids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream it is 100% unlike oral intake or alternatives. The intravenous therapy restores your wellness and vitality immediately!

Each infusion is carried out by a specialist in medical care after personal consultation and prescription based on the patient's needs. 

Интравен Доктор - услуги

Intraven Doctor is a team of medical specialists-doctors and health care specialists, part of the Medical  Center - "St. Mary Magdalene" 

Интравен Доктор - ползи

Make an appointment easy and fast online or call us - Our specialists are ready to help and consult you.

Интравен Доктор - въпроси

Make an appointment for a home visit - no extra charge! The Intraven Team will arrive at your home or office (Sofia city only). 



Choose an intravenous therapy or consult our specialists in medical care directly at +3598 75 53 48. Click the “Make an appointment” button and schedule your therapy fast and easy through the website form.


You can book a home visit for the next day! No extra charge. Our team will arrive at your address - in your own home or office (For Sofia city only).


We will contact you by email or phone after receiving your request to confirm your intravenous therapy appointment. 

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